MSD Preparing For High Water

The Ohio River is rising and the Louisville Metro Sewer District is preparing for high water. One pumping station was turned on Tuesday and two more will likely be turned on Wednesday.

The river is expected to reach 21 feet on Sunday, that’s two feet below flood stage.

If the water continues to rise at its current rate, two more pumping stations could be turned on this weekend.

MSD director Bud Schardein says he thinks flooding is avoidable, but he says Louisville’s equipment needs to be upgraded.

“We have nine flood pumping plants that are over 50 years old,” he says. “They’re very well-maintained, the operators are very well-trained. We do this on an annual basis, but you can’t continue to depend on plants that are over 50 years old.”

Schardein says some pumping stations are in line for upgrades. He says if necessary, parts of the flood wall could be closed this weekend.