Homeless Advocates Prepare for Point-in-Time Survey

Louisville homeless advocates are joining with homeless shelters and volunteers to try to get an accurate point-in-time count of the city’s homeless population on Thursday.

Mary Frances Shafer with the Coalition for the Homeless says shelters help with the count, but surveying those who are on the streets is a challenge.

“We have done a better job every year of doing the outreach piece, kind of going to them,” says Shafer. “We do not, however, count 100% of the people who are on the street because they are literally all over the county and we don’t have volunteers that can go all over the county.”

Shafer says they are required to do the point-in-time survey every two years by the federal government, but they do the count every year.

Last year, she says they counted 15-hundred homeless Louisvillians in one night.