Abramson Returns From DC Jobs Discussion

Louisville Mayor Jerry Abramson says additional federal support for job creation is likely forthcoming.

Abramson and several other mayors were in Washington this week to meet with Obama Administration officials. He says the conversations focused on the successes and disappointments of federal programs through the last year.

“A lot of discussion about the stimulus package, a lot of questions about will there be additional support for jobs in the future as relates to continuing unemployment, continuing health care benefits as folks continue to lose their jobs,” he says. “They took a lot of notes and came back with—once we would make a point they would question it—and then come back with their staff and say, ‘We need to do something.'”

Abramson says he thinks the White House will roll out more job creation initiatives soon. He also predicts a streamlining of some stimulus grant programs. He says the approval process for so-called green projects is sometimes too long.