Daniels Urges Fiscal Prudence In Speech To Lawmakers

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels called on lawmakers Tuesday night to remain fiscally prudent as the state tries to emerge from the national recession.

In his annual State of the State Address, the govenor said that means avoiding taking the path of other states and increasing taxes to make up lost revenue.

“Let’s conduct ourselves so that a year from tonight, that america sees in fullness what it now sees in part. that there is a special place in our land were hard times are met with resolve, where government is the people’s servant, not a privileged class,” he said.

Democratic House Speaker Patrick Bauer said he had hoped the Republican governor would spend more time talking about specific ways to create more jobs now.

Bauer wants to put more people to work by tapping tens of millions of dollars in a trust fund created by leasing the Indiana Toll Road.