New Nuclear for Kentucky?

by kespeland on January 18, 2010

A bill that would make it easier to build new nuclear power plants in Kentucky is making its way through the state legislature.  New plants have been banned in the Commonwealth since 1984, unless the federal government finds a way to permanently dispose of the waste.  Efforts to find such a place—like Yucca Mountain—have so far failed.  Nuclear Energy Institute spokesman Mitch Singer says another option could be reusing spent fuel rods.

“There definitely is an interest on the part of the federal government to look into what’s known as closing the fuel cycle, that is a fancy word for reprocessing and recycling.”

But environmental groups like the Natural Resources Defense Council have testified before Congress that those technologies are still unattainable and haven’t worked as hoped in countries such as France and Russia.

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Abel Ashes January 18, 2010 at 2:07 pm

Nuclear waste should stay where it is produced (at the location of the power plant). All nuclear power plants should be required to process their own waste. When the technology works correctly all nuclear waste worldwide should be used to generate electricity until the waste is entirely depleted and no longer radioactive. Even then nuclear fission is not a long term energy solution and will suffer a shortage of fuel in coming decades unless nuclear fusion is successfully executed before then. Until that time it is much wiser to invest in the most advanced and efficient solar, wind, and biomass power generation systems. If we don’t China will leave the US in the dust.

Paul Maser January 22, 2010 at 12:57 pm

Waste will probably stay at the nuclear plant that generated it as there is no place that will accept it. Recycling nuclear waste until their is no radioactivty is not physically possible as some radioactive by-products are not useful in the fission process. Every step in creating nuclear fuel creates gigantic amounts of nuclear waste and recycling just creates another gigantic mess to dispose of somewhere. The somewhere that doesn’t exist. Read the latest on German nuclear waste at Gorleben.

Alida Antonia Cornelius January 19, 2010 at 9:36 am

Yup…just what Kentucky needs…nuclear power plants…
Just wait till the eventual earthquake hits…
Nuclear power plants are not safe.
They will never be safe.
Again, Kentucky moves in the wrong direction…
It’s better to have coal until other alternative methods are developed.
I know three nuclear engineers.
They all say the problem with nuke plants is where to store the waste.
Nukes sound wonderful till there is a natural disaster like the one in Haiti.
Imagine what would have happened if Port-au-Prince had a nuclear power plant.
Thumbs down.

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