Shepherdsville Council Passes Sunday Sales Measure

Sunday alcohol sales could be legal soon in Shepherdsville.

The city council voted 4 to 2 Monday to legalize Sunday sales in restaurants. The move comes after a nonbinding public vote for expanded sales and the legalization of Sunday sales at a nearby golf course.

Council Member Bonnie Enlow voted against the measure on religious grounds. She says she’s disappointed the legislation passed, but she won’t keep fighting Sunday sales.

“Right now I don’t have any plans on doing that, because there’s other issues the city has going on right now that are precedents that need to be taken care of and I need to devote my time to them,” she says.

Shepherdsville’s mayor has twice cast a tiebreaking vote against Sunday sales. Enlow says she’s not sure if the mayor will sign the measure. Calls to the mayor’s office were not returned.