House Lawmakers Approve School Funding Measure

From Kentucky Public Radio’s Tony McVeigh

Legislation approved by the Kentucky House Monday may improve the state’s chances of landing additional federal funding for struggling schools.

The House voted 96-0 for legislation allowing Kentucky to compete for up to $245 million in federal funds to help rescue persistently, low-achieving schools. But Republican Rep. Brad Montell fears Kentucky may be at a disadvantage, because the state’s application doesn’t include charter schools.

“I would submit to you since we’re one of the ten states that doesn’t even allow charter schools in our state, then we are certainly at a competitive disadvantage,” Montell said.

As the bill moves to the Senate, President David Williams is signaling the discussion on charter schools will continue. Charter schools are public schools freed from some state regulations in exchange for greater accountability. The state’s deadline for applying for the federal dollars is next Tuesday.