Beshear Outlines Plan for Otter Creek Prison

From Kentucky Public Radio’s Tony McVeigh

Female inmates of a troubled private prison in eastern Kentucky are being moved to a state facility in western Kentucky.

The decision to move more than 430 female inmates at Otter Creek Correctional Complex to Western Kentucky Correctional Complex follows allegations of sex crimes involving Otter Creek employees and at least six inmates.

Gov. Beshear says 600 male inmates at WKCC will be moved to other facilities, including Otter Creek.

“With the location for each person depending upon their custody level, programming needs and proximity to their homes,” says Beshear. “The moves are expected to begin taking place by the first of the new fiscal year.”

Beshear says the transfers will be cost-neutral the first year and save the state around two-million dollars a year thereafter.

Beshear is also supporting legislation in the current session to make sexual misconduct by corrections employees a felony.