LIHEAP Has $2.9 Million For Assistance

Since Louisville’s low-income home energy assistance program—or LIHEAP—began its crisis phase on Monday, more than five thousand low-income residents have signed up to apply for help paying their heating bills.

Applicants can receive up to 400 dollars in assistance to pay overdue bills. The money comes from a 2.9 million dollar federal allotment, which is part of about 66 million dollars available for assistance statewide.

Community Action Partnership Director Mary Elizabeth Miles says she expects to make about 20,000 payouts this year, with some residents receiving more than one.

“If you have an allocation of $400 that you are eligible for, if your bill is only $200 past due, then you can come back again, if our program is still open, to get the additional $200, if you have another past due bill,” she says.

About 14 thousand assistance payouts were distributed last year during the crisis phase. The phase lasts until March 31st, or until the money runs out.