Council Democrats To Hire New Caucus Director

The Louisville Metro Council’s Democratic Caucus will name a new director soon.

The Personnel Committee will interview five candidates tomorrow (Wednesday), and could choose a director shortly afterward. The new director will replace Kenya McGruder who was fired effective December 31st.

Personnel Committee chair Marianne Butler says McGruder’s firing will not have a bearing on the committee’s choice of a new director.

“We’re just looking to start this decade off with a new step and to move forward,” she says.

The candidates largely come from political backgrounds. The new director will be the caucus’s fourth since the 2003 merger. The finalists are…

  • Elizabeth Kinney Hoffman – Department of Neighborhoods
  • Tony Hyatt – Current caucus spokesperson
  • Deborah Kent – Vice President of the League of Women Voters
  • Nilaja Meeks – Former Metro Government employee, current state government employee.
  • Gail Logan Strange – Urban Insight Agency