Donorama Blood Drive Is This Week

The American Red Cross’ annual ‘Donorama’ blood drive is this week.

Red Cross spokesperson Karen Stecher says the organization’s blood supply has diminished as winter weather hit the region and curbed donations.

“With severe cold, you certainly also see kind of a similar situation where you always hear folks saying, ‘Hey, stay home. If you don’t have to be out, make sure you stay warm and stay home,” she says.

Stecher says donations also fall off as people get busy with holiday plans.

The Donorama will be held on Tuesday and Wednesday (December 29th and 30th) at the Crown Plaza Hotel on Philips Lane. Stecher is hoping the agency will collect 15 hundred pints of blood during the drive. That’s the same amount as last year’s goal, which was not met until a follow-up drive was held weeks later.