H1N1 Vaccine Now Available to General Population

by scrosby on December 21, 2009

With three weeks of H1N1 vaccine clinics at schools behind them, officials at the Louisville health department are now organizing clinics for the general public.

Starting January 4th and lasting three weeks, anyone in Louisville who wants an H1N1 vaccination can get one, not just those considered at high-risk.

Director Dr. Adewale Troutman says supply of the vaccine from the CDC is now readily available.

“We have absolutely no problem supply-wise, we were just talking about this a few minutes ago, we’re not even doing allocations anymore, whatever we order is what we’re getting, and it’s flowing freely, so vaccine supply is no longer an issue,” says Troutman.

The clinics will be held two days a week at the Urban Government Center, the Middletown Fire Station and the PRP Fire Station.

Indiana health officials have also opened their H1N1 vaccine supply up to the general public.

H1N1 clinics – January 4th-22nd

Urban Government Center
810 Barret Ave
Mondays – 12pm-7pm
Wednesday – 9am-4pm

Middletown Fire Station
108 Urton Lane
Tuesdays – 9am-4pm
Thursday – 12pm-7pm

Pleasure Ridge Park Fire Station
4500 Kerrick Lane
Tuesdays – 9am-4pm
Thursdays – 12pm-7pm

  • To make an appointment, call 568-4161.

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Nick December 22, 2009 at 1:38 pm

Great news , I advise all of us to get vaccinated , the flu is still with us. “According to Health officials there is a major increase in the vaccination production” http://www.isrameds.com h1n1 news

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