Kentucky Alliance Proposes Conviction Integrity Unit

by Gabe Bullard on December 18, 2009

Several advocacy groups presented a resolution Friday asking the Jefferson County Commonwealth’s Attorneys office to establish a conviction integrity unit.

The Kentucky Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression teamed with the Fairness Campaign, Kentuckians for the Commonwealth and the Kentucky Commission on Human Rights to make the request. The groups want an integrity unit established to help overturn wrongful convictions.

The office would have about a four-person staff and would investigate questionable convictions. Alliance co-chair K.A. Owens says the criteria for questionable convictions is yet to be established.

“I think there are various groups and individuals who could put their heads together and come up with a set of criteria that would require or mandate further investigation,” he says.

The Commonwealth’s Attorney’s office says its attorneys already investigate past convictions when irregularities are presented.

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Paula R. Russell December 18, 2009 at 8:41 pm

My fiancee’ is mentally and physically disabled by the Social Security Administration. He was found( guilty until proven innocent) The Sherrif’s office didn’t ask him any questions or do any investigation on some items they charged him with manufacturing with that was found at his Grandmother’s house when he wasn’t there. Why did they even show up there? The house had also been broken into. We even know who put the items there and they admit it and hasbeen told to the officials. He is still in jail. He has been denied his seizure medications, his anti-psychotic meds, his Bible, he has been mocked of his illness; This County’s Sheriff even told one of the real manufact. he arrested who I was his informant. My fiancee’s complaint form he filled out and gave to them, they tore it up and laughed. There is much more to the story…I am, and he is afraid for our lives right now because we have complained. These 2 counties here stick side by side..I hope you write back..The judge and his county official, that works by his side, are really corrupt, you have to hear this! I have never in my life been so afraid to be in a community!

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