Abramson Reacts To KLC Report

by Gabe Bullard on December 17, 2009

Louisville Mayor Jerry Abramson has reviewed State Auditor Crit Luallen’s scathing report on extravagant spending in the Kentucky League of Cities.

The report also outlines a lack of oversight from the League’s Board of Directors. Abramson is on the board, and he says more oversight is indeed necessary.

“The members of the Kentucky League of Cities Board of Directors were really kept in the dark about a lot of issues,” he says. “We should have asked tougher questions, I guess, over the years. You put your trust in people to lead an organization and unfortunately that trust was misplaced.”

Abramson says he thinks the KLC provides a valuable service for small cities in Kentucky.

“I think if you would the 340-400 or so small city mayors throughout this commonwealth they would tell you that the League of Cities has done an outstanding job of helping them with legal questions and finance questions and things like that,” he says.

Abramson says the board’s next task is to find a replacement for outgoing director Sylvia Lovely.

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chief December 18, 2009 at 5:41 pm

Jerry has had the opportunity and chances to ask tough questions on lots of issues concerning the spendind and accountability of taxpayers money!
He will never DO it !,,,HE weill never take RESPONSIBILITY!….He never has, He just HIDES the FACTS…..Hes had every chance to step up and be forthcomming with answers and can always find a way to Sham around the hard Q&A!……Truth is Anyone like Jerry can make themselves out to be smart if they never take responsibility!…..Just always Blame it on someone else and then say how disapointed you are!,,,Geeez!…..When are people gonna WAKE UP and see SMUCKs like Him for what they really are!

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