More Grants for Recycled Tire Projects

Grant money is once again available from the state’s Energy and Environment Cabinet for projects that use crumb rubber, or recycled tires, to pave playgrounds, athletic fields, or other surfaces. That’s in part to help find a home for the more than 4 million tires Kentuckians get rid of every year. And if there were any concern about the health effects of playing around crumb rubber, program spokesman Chris Fitzpatrick says a recent, preliminary study released by the Environmental Protection Agency should address it.

“Unless and until additional testing or study shows there’s reason for concern, we just plan to refer to EPA’s current opinion, which appears to be that there’s no reason to think that we should be overly concerned about the health effects of crumb rubber,” said Fitzpatrick.

The EPA measured levels of toxic chemicals in the air around crumb rubber-paved play grounds and found nothing elevated.