Kentucky House Lawmakers Discuss Budget

From Kentucky Public Radio’s Tony McVeigh

Kentucky House Democrats and Republicans are in Frankfort for a budget briefing, as lawmakers continue preparations for the 2010 General Assembly.

With the state facing a $161 million shortfall in the current fiscal year, and a $1.2 billion deficit next biennium, lawmakers need to be prepared for tough decisions ahead, says House Speaker Greg Stumbo. That’s why Stumbo called lawmakers to Frankfort for an open briefing on the budget.

“We come here not as Democrats, or Republicans or independents. We come here as Kentuckians, charged with the responsibility of setting this ship of state on a course that will get us through this storm,” Stumbo said.

On Monday, the Consensus Forecasting Group will meet in Frankfort to make new revenue projections for the current fiscal year and the next biennium. Lawmakers will use those figures to balance the current budget and craft a new one. The 2010 session begins January 5th.