Higdon Wins Special State Senate Election

Republican Rep. Jimmy Higdon of Lebanon won a decisive victory in Tuesday’s special election in a central Kentucky senatorial district. Higdon

If, as many political pundits claimed, the Senate race was a referendum on expanded gambling, then the electorate wants the issue decided through a constitutional amendment. That’s the position Republican Rep. Jimmy Higdon took in his campaign against Democrat Jodie Haydon, who supported slots at horse tracks. Higdon won by more than 2,400 votes.

“Maybe, later on, somebody can analyze this to see if it’s a mandate for something. I don’t know. I can just tell you what I know, I worked very hard and we’ve got a great team,” he said.

Republicans also grabbed the northeast Kentucky House seat formerly held by Democrat Robin Webb of Grayson who’s now a state senator. Republican Jill York defeated Democrat Barry Webb in that race.