Wayside/JCTC Talks Continue

Officials with Wayside Christian Mission and the Jefferson Community and Technical College are still trying to reach an agreement on the future of the former Hotel Louisville property.

Wayside purchased the hotel at auction earlier this year. JCTC wanted to purchase the property then, but hadn’t yet gotten approval from the General Assembly.

JCTS spokesperson Lisa Brosky says Wayside has already started operating at Hotel Louisville, and need a place by August because they have to move out of their former facility on East Market by then.

She says JCTS has offered to buy the property from Wayside, but lease it to them for a dollar a day for a certain number of years.

“We wanted to make sure they had time to find another property, find a situation that suits them perfectly,” says Brosky. “At the same that gives us time to seek funding authorization for other buildings that we may want to put on that site, and plan how we might want to use that site.”

Brosky says although some media outlets have reported they plan to seek eminent domain action to take the property from Wayside, the college is seeking no such action.