Butchertown Neighborhood Association President Reacts To Council's JBS Vote

The Louisville Metro Council’s passage of a resolution asking the JBS company to keep its meat processing plant in the Butchertown neighborhood is drawing criticism from some residents.

The resolution was approved by the council by a vote of 23 to 2. Residents have repeatedly complained about the noises and odors that come from the plant, and Butchertown Neighborhood Association President Andrew Cornelius says the resolution’s approval is disappointing.

“We’re tired of pitting the residents against the workers and vice versa and I think the leadership of the city needs to stand up and take some action,” he says.

Despite that, Cornelius says he still thinks a solution can be found that keeps the plant’s 13 hundred jobs in Louisville, but reduces the nuisance to residents.

“I think that there’s got to be a solution out there that perhaps the association hasn’t come up with and perhaps the company…definitely hasn’t come up with that would clear the air on this…literally,” he says.

Metro Council President David Tandy supported the resolution, but says he’s still interested in helping JBS find a new location for the plant in Jefferson County.

The plant is located in Tandy’s district.