MetroCall Moves to MetroSafe Backup Call Center

MetroCall, Louisville’s 24-hour customer service line at 3-1-1, is in the process of moving its headquarters to the backup facility for MetroSafe, or 9-1-1

The MetroCall organization has recently been moved under the umbrella of Emergency Management and MetroSafe, says MetroSafe/EMA Director Doug Hamilton.

“Obviously, we’ve had three disasters in the last twelve months,” says Hamilton. “All of those disasters generate questions, concerns, comments and need to push information and we have always turned to MetroCall to do that for us. And they have done it quite well.”

He says MetroCall will now operate out of MetroSafe’s backup facility, and workers will be trained to run the 9-1-1 services in case of an emergency at the MetroSafe main location.

“Obviously, that period of time, 15-20 minutes it takes you to relocate is very critical,” says Hamilton, “because whatever issue may be affecting us could be affecting the community too.”

Hamilton says the action helps MetroSafe keep its backup equipment and facility in good condition in case of an emergency move. MetroCall won’t be working over the weekend, while systems are transferred to the new location.