Kentucky Farms Bureau Kicks Off Annual Meeting

More than one thousand Kentucky farmers are gathered this week in Louisville for the Kentucky Farm Bureau’s annual meeting.

Kentucky Farm Bureau has 485-thousand members in Kentucky and is a well-known lobbying force in the state.

Spokesperson Roger Nesbitt says the organization strongly opposes so-called cap-and-trade legislation under consideration in Congress, and members plan to make their views known to their representatives.

“We’re asking our farmer-members to trade in their farm caps, and we’re going to give them a cap that says ‘don’t cap our future’,” says Nesbitt, “but we’re going to ask them to sign their old cap and we’re going to present them to members of Congress to reaffirm our opposition to the cap and trade proposals.”

Nesbitt says major policy topics also include heath care and other energy proposals.

U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell is set to address the annual meeting at a Saturday breakfast.