More Kentucky Education Budget Cuts Planned

by Rick Howlett on December 1, 2009

In response to Governor Steve Beshear’s directive to reduce spending by six percent, the Kentucky Department of Education has announced it plans to cut its budget by about $20 million over the rest of the fiscal year.

Department spokesperson Lisa Gross says the new round of cuts could be a burden on local school districts.

Gross says previous cuts involved Flexible Focus Funds, which cover areas such as professional development and textbooks but could be moved around by local districts to suit their needs.

“We’ve made so many cuts to those Flexible Focus Funds that now we’re having to start to look at other items in the education budget. Those include things like dropout prevention, gifted and talented, writing programs, math programs, reading programs, so on and so forth,” Gross said.

Gross says it hasn’t been determined yet which budget items will be cut, but a decision will come soon.

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chirs December 2, 2009 at 12:11 pm

Reduced spending will burden school districts. How are kids going to learn anything if they do not even have a textbook and if programs that prevent drop outs are cut the drop out rate will increase. The politicians will not be satisfied until our kids are the least educated in the world. Why don’t they cut their staff or their salaries? In one state they are asking that people donate a dollar per day to help fund education. Last time I checked we are in bad recession, so who has that extra money to donate? I know I don’t! Although, there is an online auctions ans classified ads,, that will donate 10 percent of their listing fees to a school of your choice. There is no need to go into your pockets to give to schools all you have to do is buy and sell on their website and the donation is on them. It is something that we are already doing, so why not use At least they donate to a good cause, schools.

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