Shepherdsville Sunday Sales Vote This Week

by Gabe Bullard on November 30, 2009

Shepherdsville residents will have a chance this week to vote on Sunday alcohol sales at restaurants. But the vote itself won’t change any laws.

The vote will be held Thursday and Friday. It’s a non-binding referendum meant only to gauge public opinion on Sunday sales. The actual approval would have to come from a city council vote.

Council member Bonnie Enlow says there are three council members in favor of Sunday sales. One member is opposed and two, including her, are undecided.

Enlow says public support may change her mind, but she has twice voted against similar measures.

“One: because it is God’s day,” she says. “Two: it because has to do with endangering the lives of others with alcohol.”

Advocates say Sunday sales will improve business at restaurants. The measure would not allow sales at package liquor stores on Sunday.

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Patrick November 30, 2009 at 7:38 pm

Allow liquor sales on Sunday and get over this holier than thou arrogance which leads some to feel empowered to reenact Abolition. Abolition didn’t work in the 20th Century; it’s not gonna work in the 21st.

Also, Council member Enlow shouldn’t presume to know what’s best for tax paying law abiding adult citizens who wish to have a drink after a long hard work week on one of the two days off most get.

Given Enlow’s reasoning, all businesses in Shepherdsville should be required to close on Sundays as well. Afterall, it’s her God’s day.

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