Kragthorpe: Patience Doesn't Exist Anymore

goodbyekragFormer University of Louisville football coach Steve Kragthorpe said goodbye to the team and the town today in his final Monday afternoon press conference.

Kragthorpe says his family will leave Louisville Sunday and move back to Tulsa, where he coached just prior to coming to Louisville in 2007. Kragthorpe was fired Saturday after three seasons without a winning record. He says he doesn’t think three years is enough time to judge a coach’s abilities.

“It’s just the nature of college football now,” says Kragthorpe. “It’s filtered over from pro football. The good thing about college football is you get to have the relationships you get to make, and you get to be around the people you get to be around and the tough part about it is that patience doesn’t exist anymore.”

U of L says it will honor the two years remaining on Kragthorpe’s contract, in which he was paid one-point-two million dollars annually.