U-of-L Restricts Smoking; Offers Patches, Lollipops

lollipopsPhase one of a campus smoking ban at the University of Louisville starts today.

Provost Shirley Willihnganz was outside the Belknap Campus student center this afternoon, to help educate students about the ban and hand out lollipops to help those in need of a cigarette substitute.

Willihnganz says at first they are restricting smoking to certain approved areas on campus.

“There’s no reason, though, to not be kind about this. So, at first, enforcement will simply be ‘did you know we’re restricting smoking?, ‘here’s where you can go’, ‘you can’t light up here’,” says Willihnganz.

After a few weeks, though, Willihnganz says if some students persist in breaking the ban, there are student codes that can be enforced.

Junior history major Oliver Davis says he doesn’t believe the restrictions will go over well with student smokers.

“I know enough people who smoke, it’s like, you can’t – they don’t have time to go to some of these smoking areas between classes, it’s just easier for them to – it just makes it inconvenient for people who do,” says Davis.

By next summer, smoking will be completely banned on all three U-of-L campuses. It’s already banned at the Health Sciences Campus downtown.

The University of Kentucky also put a smoking ban in place today.