Great American Smokeout Is Thursday

From WFPL’s Haley Hart

The American Cancer Society is challenging smokers to quit for the day as part of Thursday’s Great American Smoke-Out. The one-day event inspires and encourages smokers to take that first step towards quitting and raises awareness about the many tools that smokers can use to quit for good.

“The Great American Smoke-Out is just one shout out to, hey, why not quit today? And if you can quit today, maybe you can quit for a lifetime,” says Irene Centers, manager of Kentucky’s Tobacco Prevention and Control Program.

Centers recommends a combination of counseling and medication for successful cessation, but says there are lots of resources to help smokers find the most effective treatment.

“If you call the quit line, the 1-800-quit-now, they will help you determine what’s the best for you,” says Centers. “If you want to quit and you want to use patches, there are people who can help you determine what level of nicotine replacement therapy you need.”

Centers also says that Kentucky has the third highest rate of current adult smokers in the nation, with 25 percent—or 800,000—current adult smokers.

For more resources to help smokers quit, visit the American Cancer Society or Kentucky’s Department for Public Health.