Yarmuth Expects Healthcare Legislation This Year

by Gabe Bullard on November 2, 2009

The House of Representatives will begin debating health care overhaul legislation this week.

HR 3962 was introduced last Friday. After a three day reading period it will go to the floor of the House. Third District Congressman John Yarmuth of Louisville says he expects it to pass on Friday with no Republican support.

It will then be reconciled with whatever legislation the Senate passes in the coming weeks. Yarmuth says the House’s plan and most of the Senate bills are fairly similar, but differ in how a healthcare overhaul will be paid for.

“The Senate taxes high-end insurance plans, the premium ones, high-end plans,” he says. “We have a surcharge on the wealthiest .3 of 1 percent of Americans. Those making over a half-million dollars a year or a million dollars per household.”

Yarmuth says he’s expecting final legislation to clear both chambers by the end of the year. Republicans contend the Democratic bills would place too much of an additional financial burden on the government.

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John Lloyd Scharf November 2, 2009 at 4:11 pm

USPS/IRS Health Care
Of those “50 million,” that lack insurance there were 45,000 who died without health care. With health care, 98,000 died FROM health care because of malpractice.

The question is do we want to trust that largest corporation in the world, the U.S. Government.

Do not expect house calls anytime soon.

We have seen how well the government delivers on its promises and its bureaucracies pursue the money without giving us benefits on so many levels. Imagine another organ of the government that only ultimately must listen to the Secretary of the Treasury – another “service” of which is the IRS.


That blog of mine above has several .pdf connections (HR. 3962 and two summaries, a few videos, and page references for new taxes and other mandates). If you cannot use the link, google “Progressive Capitalist H.R. 3962.”

If you believe the promises of this bill, you have to deal with the lie that it fosters competition with a government option called the “Public Option” and establishes the government as a monopoly making its own rules.

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