KY Child Abuse Deaths Top Nation; Law Needs Update

by kespeland on October 26, 2009

Kentucky had the highest number of child abuse-related fatalities in 2007. That’s according to a recent report from child advocacy organization Every Child Matters.  The report’s authors are hoping it spurs Congress to get around more quickly to reauthorizing a key child abuse prevention law.  Every Child Matters research director Stephen Clermont says the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act, or CAPTA, needs more funding, especially when states have trimmed child welfare budgets.

“It needs a lot more funding, and it’s a vehicle to say that we need to develop a national strategy to look at this problem, examine this problem, and see what ways both the federal government can help states and states can help families through a whole variety of programs we know that work,” says Clermont.

Clermont says some of those programs include home nurse visits for mothers of newborns and early childhood education.

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Brenda Alexander October 26, 2009 at 3:43 pm

If CPS would stop needlessly removing children from safe homes, they wouldn’t need more “funding.” Like I’ve said to so many others in regards to Every Child Matters, you need to get your facts straight. Children are way more likely to be abused while in foster care than in the care of their own parents. This is biased and one-sided. It does not give an accurate opinion on what’s really going on. So until you print this, I will not support your newspaper, I will not support your sponsors or advertisers and will encourage my group members to do the same. I’m tired of biological parents taking all the blame when the vast majority of abusers is the state itself. Don’t let CPS agents fool you. Open your eyes, do the research and find out the truth.

Artie Louise October 26, 2009 at 7:27 pm

The truth is that most children are abused by their primary caretaker which happens to be their mothers. There are many reasons mother’s are the primary caretakers.

We do need to identify the programs that work at prevention and use them as a model on a federal basis. Five child abuse deaths a day is shameful.

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