Final Firefighter Vote Tally Expected This Week

A final vote of approval from current and former Louisville firefighters on an overtime settlement is expected this week.

For years, the firefighters have been seeking an agreement over millions of dollars of miscalculated overtime work. Metro Government has tentatively reached a 45 million dollar deal with the firefighters, who have voted in favor of the agreement in meetings this month. The final vote from out-of-town retirees will come Wednesday, and will be sent to the mayor and Metro Council for final approval.

But a group of 42 firefighters is not included in the deal. Union President Craig Willman says their paperwork was not in order.

“They may have been 40-hour employees and just joined on to the lawsuit as a precautionary measure that they may get some moneys,” he says. “However, the members out of that group are going to have avenues to follow to be made whole.”

Those avenues include an amendment to the deal in the Metro Council or a separate settlement.

Another group of 135 firefighters is seeking a separate settlement over pension payments.