Officials Still Reviewing Otter Creek Park Proposals

Louisville Metro Parks officials are still reviewing proposals for re-opening Otter Creek Park.

The Meade County park closed this year due to budget cuts and in August five companies submitted bids to take over operations of the park.

The winning bid must come at no cost to the city and keep the park open for public recreation. Parks spokesperson Jason Cissell says all five proposals meet the criteria, but a timeline for choosing a plan hasn’t been set.

“We’re continuing to work through the proposals, ask some questions, seek some clarification. It’s been a good process with lots of back and forth communication with the folks who submitted proposals,” he says. “We’re working with the U.S. Department of the Interior because they have to approve any lease that gets signed with one of these operating groups to make sure that what we’re doing meets their interests and their specifications.”

Cissell says the park could re-open as early as next spring, depending on which proposal is chosen and when.