Stimulus Project Map Searchable by Address

This year and next, nearly $300 million dollars in federal stimulus dollars will flow into Louisville Metro.  They’ll fund projects ranging from buying more energy efficient school buses to installing new sidewalks.  To make the use of those funds—and their impact, for instance, on jobs—as transparent as possible, the Mayor’s spokesman Chris Poynter says the city’s economic stimulus team has created an online, searchable map of projects.  Many of those projects are still in the planning stages.

“A lot of the stimulus money is just now starting to flow into the city, we really just in the last month or two started to get significant dollars, and so as more dollars come in, we’ll update the website,” says Poynter.

Poynter says another section of the city’s “Louisville at work” page also breaks down project categories by dollar amount. It reveals that educational projects will receive the greatest number of stimulus dollars, with transportation and infrastructure coming in next.