The Importance of Oral History

Wednesday, October 14, 2009
The Importance of Oral History
Have you ever been talking with your grandmother, or a friend who is a veteran, and think to yourself “I wish I was recording this”? Well, that’s exactly what oral historians do. Oral histories tell stories in a way the written word simply can’t; in the words of those involved. And oral histories can take many forms from a home tape recorder to a professional film; from you and your grandmother to Bob Edwards and Studs Terkel. Join us on Wednesday when we learn more about oral history and hear some wonderful clips. Hey, was that Loretta Lynn?

Listen to the Show

Here are some of the audio clips we’ll be listening to today

Audio from the trailer for Appalshop’s film “Stranger with a Camera”

Addie Graham teaches to her grandson Rich Kirby a song
Studs Terkel explains how his time in law school taught him about blues music
Studs Terkel tells to Bob Edwards about his childhood
Loretta Lynn describes leaving Butcher Hollow for the first time, on her wedding night
Clyde Madden of Carter County describes his family’s life during the Depression
Ruth Patrum of Taylor County, on what courtship was like when she was a young girl
Gov. Breathitt discusses the march on Frankfort and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Steelworker Doris McKinney describes working in a male environment
Steelworker Doris McKinney discusses her work technique
Steelworker Doris McKinney on committment to her career

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