McConnell Says GOP, Democrats Still Far Apart On Health Care Details

U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky says more spirited debate lies ahead as health care overhaul legislation makes its way through his chamber.

The Senate Republican Leader says GOP lawmakers agree with Democrats that a change in the system is necessary, but there are still many fundamental differences over specific steps and how to pay for them.                     McConnell

“I do think the majority made a mistake in trying to jam it through before anyone had a real chance of reading it.   I  do think they’ve slowed the process down now, people are going to have an opportunity to understand what’s in it and how it will affect them,” he said.

McConnell says the Democratic bills that have been produced so far would compromise the Medicare program and cost too much. He wants to see legislation that includes tort reform and more emphasis on prevention programs.

McConnell spoke during a stop in Louisville Monday.