New Coroner Expected November 1st

Louisville Metro Government officials say Mayor Jerry Abramson will likely appoint a new coroner by next month.

Jefferson County Coroner Ronald Holmes announced his retirement Thursday, effective November 1st. Mayor’s spokesperson Kerri Richardson says that’s when Abramson will appoint someone to finish the rest of the term.

“The next thing that the mayor has to do is find a candidate that can meet the qualifications for coroner, that can maintain that office for the next year and change, and he hopes to have an appointment ready by November 1st,” she says. “It’d be great to have somebody that has some prior experience of working in an office similar to this one. And we want to make sure that it is someone that wants this position. I’m sure that those candidates will present themselves.”

A new coroner will be elected in November 2010. Holmes’ resignation comes amid allegations from many of his deputies of harassment and a hostile work environment, and the threat of a lawsuit.