Outfront: Obsessions, Magnificent and Otherwise

Saturday, October 10, 2009 9pm

Producer: CBC Radio One
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An hour of personal stories, curated by CBC Radio.

Barenaked in America produced by Kent Hoffman
When Joanne Faryon first moved to a California suburb with her family, she felt like she left her career and Canadian identity behind. But one day on a San Diego freeway she heard a song on the radio by Canada’s Barenaked Ladies. Her sense of home returned. After that she ended up becoming a fan of the band – a huge fan. But before long she finds out the naked truth about life as a superfan.

Perfectionista produced by Neil Sandell
Self improvement is one thing, but it’s quite another when you make yourself miserable trying to be perfect. As long as she can remember, Hannah Cheesman has been a perfectionist. Now in her early 20’s, she’s trying to kick the habit.

Rust Bucket Love prodiced by Janna Graham & Neil Sandell
Janna Graham and her beloved car, Spry, have got into scrapes together, traveled the country, and shared adventures. She’s known her car longer than she’s known her partner, Tom. Now Janna faces a decision. What to do with a car that’s on life support? For Devin Slater the simple act of ironing a shirt is no chore. It’s a meditation, a dance, and a sensual experience.

Taking a Flyer produced by Neil Sandell and Lindsay Michael
Tara Barrows had always used sales flyers to shop for groceries. She loved them so much, she looked forward to coming home on Fridays, opening up the flyers and figuring out what foods to buy. So why does she decide to go cold turkey and shop without knowing the bargains?