Kragthorpe Worries About H1N1

by scrosby on September 28, 2009

While schools and houses of worship have been in the spotlight for possible hotbeds of H1N1 this fall, sports coaches are worried about the infection taking out large portions of their team.

University of Louisville football players got their seasonal flu shots last week. Coach Steve Kragthorpe says when a team spends so much time together, it’s easy to spread the flu quickly.

“I’ve seen it before, go through a team,” says Kragthorpe, “so yeah, that’s one of the reasons we got the flu shots and that’s one of the reasons we’re trying to be as proactive as we can.”

Kragthorpe says some big chunks of college football teams have already been sidelined with H1N1.

“Even if you lose five or six guys, if it’s the wrong position, if it’s the whole starting offensive line that meets together every day and goes to eat a lot of the time together and all of a sudden they’re eating chicken wings and they’re dipping it in the same sauce and here you go, now six guys have swine flu. Then, yeah, we’re in trouble,” says Kragthorpe.

He says his team will be getting H1N1 vaccinations as soon as they are available.

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toby lee September 28, 2009 at 4:22 pm

Regarding Swine Flu there is substantial data suggesting that keeping your vitamin D levels up will protect you from H1N1 (Swine Flu) and colds and flu in general.
Take a look at these two articles:

August 2009-Vitamin D3 deficiency and its role in influenza

Sept 2009-More on Vitamin D3 and influenza

If the links don’t work, go to and look under “In the News” This site offers a good newsletter on Vitamin D updates and recently launched a new micropill formulation of Vitamin D.

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