Louisville Receives Stimulus Grant For Firehouse

New Beechmont FirehouseLouisville Mayor Jerry Abramson Wednesday announced another project made possible by the federal stimulus package–$3.3 million dollars will be used to build a new firehouse in the Beechmont neighborhood.

The money will pay for all but $700 thousand dollars of the total cost to build and outfit the new station in south Louisville. The remaining funds will be generated by a bond issue next month.

The federal funds are among billions of dollars that will only be made available through competitive grants. Abramson says he’s waiting to hear about other awards.

“They’ve got a significant amount of money set aside,” he says. “This is the first one we’ve applied for and this is the first one we’ve been successful with. We have several others pending and we’re very excited about the ultimate outcome.”

The Beechmont firehouse is set to open by the end of next year. The current facility will be torn down during construction, but fire crews will remain in the area.