Fewer Kentucky Schools Meeting NCLB Goals

Sixty-percent of Kentucky schools are meeting federal student performance goals, but that’s a lower percentage than last year.   

Under the requirements of the federal No Child Left Behind Act, 60-percent of Kentucky’s more than 1,100 schools made Adequate Yearly Progress in numerous goals, including math and reading.  But that’s down from almost 73-percent in 2008.  Education Commissioner Terry Holliday says that’s probably because of constant adjustments to the goals.

“The bar just moved.  It moved ten points in math and seven or eight in reading, so the bar just moved,” Holliday said.

Almost 700 Kentucky schools met 100-percent of the NCLB goals, but 461 did not.  Some schools that failed to meet their goals will receive state assistance.  And in some cases, parents with children in schools that failed to meet their goals could seek to have their children transferred to better performing schools.

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