Worley Cleared of Ethics Violation

From Kentucky Public Radio’s Tony McVeigh

The Kentucky Legislative Ethics Commission has dismissed an ethics complaint against Kentucky Senate Minority Leader Ed Worley of Richmond.

Senator Worley, who’s a builder and contractor, is constructing a state courthouse annex in Richmond to house Madison County family courts. Eventually, he will collect $409-thousand a month in rent on the facility.

A constituent complained the lease arrangement looks unethical, but the Legislative Ethics Commission, chaired by George Troutman, says there’s been no violation of ethics laws.

“The commission has found there is no probable cause that you violated the ethics law,” said Troutman.

But the commission says the lease arrangement has given rise to a public perception that Worley used his official position to secure the lease and he should avoid any appearance of impropriety in his future business endeavors.

Worley, who spoke to the commission behind closed doors before a ruling was publicly released, assured the group he will.