Belknap Oval Opened At U Of L

Oval1University of Louisville officials Tuesday celebrated the completion of a new entrance to the Belknap Campus.

The renovated Belknap Oval is on Third Street north of Eastern Parkway. It was paid for with 1.2 million state transportation dollars and a quarter million dollars of University funds.

Outgoing Transportation Cabinet Secretary Joe Prathersays the oval is the first of many transportation projects at U of L.

“We have a total, including this, of some $9.8 million in projects that are going on all around the university, so this is a part of that funding,” he says. “There’s nothing questionable about this investment. Some investments, you see, you have a close call to make on whether it’s a great use of the money. This one, it wasn’t a close call, it was very much on the positive side.”

Other renovations include enhancements to streets running through campus and nearby interstate ramps.