Fate of Boys and Girls Clubs Could Be Made Public This Week

by scrosby on September 20, 2009

Last week, the Louisville Area Command of the Salvation Army announced it was closing its two thrift stores. This week the organization is expected to make an announcement about the future of its Boys and Girls Clubs.

Major Keath Biggers says it was a community service that the thrift stores could provide shopping for low-income families, but the purpose of them was always to provide revenue for their other services. He says they hadn’t been doing that for years.

“It has been an ongoing – even before this economic meltdown occurred – ongoing problem,” says Biggers.

The four Boys and Girls Clubs operated by the Salvation Army are also struggling financially, due to loss of grant money in the last couple of years. Biggers says they’ll have an announcement about the future of the clubs this week.

Biggers says the Salvation Army’s Center of Hope, which provides services for the homeless, is also struggling financially.

“The Center of Hope is still one that we’re still looking at and having to do some more groundwork in order to see what steps we need to take with the Center of Hope,” says Biggers.

No announcement is expected this week regarding the Center of Hope.

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Farnorth September 22, 2009 at 12:26 pm

To be successful, the Boys & Girls Club (Board and staff) must have a diverse resource development plan. Majority funding from a single source, whether it be the SA or grants is always dangerous. If that source dries up or has a downturn, then the Club is in trouble. Parents must also be willing to step up and contribute more than the nominal membership fee. In these times, the Club just cannot “give it away anymore.”

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