Census Jobs To Provide Slight Economic Boost

by Gabe Bullard on September 20, 2009

Metro Louisville officials are hoping for a slight economic boost as a southern Indiana Census office prepares to hire hundreds of area residents.

The census office in Jeffersonville is bringing on temporary workers for the 2010 census. The hiring comes after Kentucky’s unemployment rate reached a record high of 11.1 percent in August.

The high jobless numbers have taken a toll on city revenue, but mayor’s spokesperson Chris Poynter says the city will indirectly benefit from the census jobs.

“Louisville gets no taxes from the census because it’s located in southern Indiana. However, what we do get is our citizens employed by the Census Bureau,” he says. “They shop at our malls and our locally-owned stores. They eat in our restaurants. They go out to our entertainment options.”

Poynter says employed residents will spend money in Louisville, thereby providing a modest stimulus for Metro Government.

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Brian B.Kelley September 21, 2009 at 9:09 am

About the uneployment rate is rising is that in modern times change. Still unturned in school are programs that should be come manditory are Electronics, new business practices, and enginering. With growth should be the levels of intengence also. Finally immagration is out of control!! There are immagrates that don’t have SS numbers to be claimed as real americans. Where are becoming like Ireland but with the reprocussions of almost a devestating depression. Human moral is low also with the confidence of America’s well being.

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