SBA Says Thousands of Louisvillians Aren't Returning Applications

The Small Business Administration says there are about five-thousand Louisvillians who were mailed loan applications after registering for aid with FEMA who haven’t returned the forms. SBA spokesperson Mike Peacock says about 66-hundred people who suffered flood damage in the August fourth flood received the applications.

“If they’re receiving that application from the SBA,”says Peacock, “maybe they didn’t get enough from FEMA to make all the repairs that were necessary.”

He adds it’s in almost everyone’s best interest to fill out the application and return it – even if they can’t afford a loan.

“For those who can’t afford a loan, or can’t qualify for a loan, if they’re denied by us, then they’re referred back to FEMA for additional possible grant assistance,” he says.

He says he doesn’t know how long the two SBA centers in Louisville will be open, but the longest they’ll be open is October 13th, which is the deadline to apply for federal disaster aid.