El Nino Could Bring Mild Winter to Kentucky

University of Kentucky Meteorologist Tom Priddy says another El Nino weather pattern is on the way, which could mean warmer temperatures this winter for Kentucky. Priddy says scientists started noticing a warming pattern in the Pacific Ocean last month, and are expecting the warm-up to continue through the fall.

He says that temperature increase adds more water vapor to the air, which shifts the jet stream elsewhere.

“That gives us a mild winter in Kentucky and a good part of the Ohio Valley, and dry conditions,” says Priddy. “So if we continue to develop this El Nino through the fall months, as the models are suggesting, we would have a very different winter than what we would normally have across the United States.”

Priddy says when the jet stream is shifted by El Nino energy, the weather patterns travel elsewhere as well.

Kentucky just recorded its second-coolest July in 115 years.