Deputy Coroner Testifies At Stinson Trial

Jefferson County Deputy Coroner Sam Weakley told jurors in the Jason Stinson trial Friday that he found nothing amiss in the death of Pleasure Ridge Park football player Max Gilpin and ruled the manner of death accidental.

Weakley made his determination before the criminal investigation was launched into the 15 year old’s heat stroke death.                                              

“I  knew of no malfeasance involved in the situation.  I just thought it was a horrible accident and that’s the way I classified it,” Weakley said.

Former PRP football coach Jason Stinson is charged with reckless homicide and wanton endangerment.    Prosecutors say Stinson ran a brutal practice on August 20 of last year that caused Max Gilpin and another player to be overcome by the heat. Max died three days later.

Stinson’s attorney say the practice was conducted within state and school district policy.