Some City Expenditures Posted Online

LouisvilleCheckbook_homepageItemized expenditures from Metro Louisville’s last three fiscal years are now online.

The website lists spending receipts from fiscal 2006 through 2008. Records from 2009 will be posted later this year.

Metro Councilman Hal Heiner says the site is the first result of the e-transparency ordinance passed by the council in April.

“We’ve heard, really, throughout the community, ‘Where’s the money coming from and where is it being spent?'” says Heiner. “Whether that’s from employees in government, from groups outside of government and the council itself.”

Heiner says some details on how funds were spent are missing from the site, but they will be posted soon. Some information, though, cannot be made public.

“Payments to informants where someone may be in danger, salary information that’s available from other sources has been redacted as well,” he says. “But lodging, for instance, hotel lodging, travel for even individuals within government—any expenditure, essentially, other than something that’s protected by law.”

Records for 2010 and beyond will be posted on the city’s main website starting early next year. At that point, Louisville Checkbook dot com will be merged with the new information.