Jeff Gilpin Testifies At Stinson Trial

The trial of former Pleasure Ridge Park High School football coach Jason Stinson resumed Tuesday in Jefferson Circuit Court.

Stinson is charged with reckless homicide and wanton endangerment the August, 2008 heat stroke death of sophomore player Max Gilpin, who collapsed during practice.

Tuesday’s testimony began with Max’s father, Jeff Gilpin, who said he arrived at the PRP practice as players were running wind sprints, and saw his son collapse.

He said he initially didn’t hold the coaching staff responsible for Max’s death.

“No, I didn’t blame them at that time. I was still in shock. When you lose somebody as close as me and Max were, it takes a while to absorb what happened,” he said.

Gilpin says he changed his opinion after reading and hearing accounts from others who were at the practice.

Prosecutors says Stinson made his players run extra wind sprints that day because they weren’t practicing hard enough, and denied them water.

Stinson’s lawyers contend the practice was not unusually harsh and Max’s heat stroke may have been caused by the prescription drug Adderall or a possible illness.