Activists Hold Another 'Tea Party' In Louisville

Activists gathered in Louisville’s Central Park Saturday for a rally in favor of smaller government.

The event coincided with a stop from the Tea Party Express bus tour. The national campaign grew out of the so-called tea parties held on April 15th to protest government spending.

The rally featured conservative speakers and calls to change the plan for overhauling healthcare. Marilyn Parker helped organize the event. She says members of all parties were invited to speak.

“They’re not just unhappy with this administration; they were unhappy with the last administration as well. They didn’t feel like the last administration controlled spending.”

Parker recently resigned her position with the Louisville tea party group and formally announced Saturday that she’ll seek the Republican nomination for the congressional seat currently held by Democrat John Yarmuth.

The Tea Party Express tour started last month in California and will conclude on September 12th in Washington D.C,