IU To Offer Tuition Grants

Indiana University President Michael McRobbie has announced the creation of “incentive grants” aimed at reducing the impact of tuition increases. McRobbie

Some state lawmakers were upset with IU trustees for approving a 4.6 percent in-state tuition hike for the current school year. One of them, Republican state Senator Luke Kenley, had threatened to hold up
I-U building projects in his budget committee unless something was done to help offset the increase.

McRobbie says starting next year, in-state undergraduate students can earn as much as 300 dollars in tuition grants if they carry a full course load and maintain at least a “B” average.

He says the program is a two year experiment but could be extended.

“If this has a measurable impact on completion rates, on retention rates among our students, then I would see us continuing a program like this in some form,” McRobbie said at a Tuesday press conference.

McRobbie says the experimental phase of the program will cost up to $3 million.

(Photo by Aaron Bernstein/www.indiana.edu)