FEMA Sets Up At Two Louisville Lowe's Stores

by scrosby on September 1, 2009

FEMA is teaming up with two Lowe’s home improvement stores in Louisville to offer flood mitigation advice.

FEMA has set-up shop in two Lowe’s stores, one at Bashford Manor and the other on Dixie Highway. From there, spokesperson Ron Whittington says they are offering free advice on ways to prevent future flooding.

“A lot of the questions they’re getting so far is from people asking about mold and clean up, and making sure they’re doing that the proper way and the safe way,” says Whittington.

He says they’re also offering information from the Metropolitan Sewer District.

“So we’ve teamed with the local sewer authority, which actually has an application where you can have a special drain installed where you can close your drain pipes so water doesn’t flood back into the home during a flood like that,” says Whittington.

They started mitigation efforts just yesterday, and Whittington says they’ve been surprised with some of their interactions with Louisvillians.

“The thing they’re really surprised at is that there are people coming in that say they’ve had damage from the storm, but they haven’t registered with FEMA,” says Whittington, “because the aid is here.”

Whittington says so far, more than ten-thousand people have applied for aid at their two disaster recovery offices. He says they’ve conducted about 85-hundred inspections.

Now in their third week of operation, Whittington says those offices will close when the need for them dwindles.

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